Tweets of the Day: Utah Legislature round-up

The daily Utah Legislative update, in tweets: open carry, impeachment (no, not the former President), Spida, no-knock warrants, cheaper meds, domestic violence penalties, contraception, abortion and a “girl crush.” Rep. Walt Brooks has a “Constitutional carry” bill that eliminates the need for a concealed carry permit.

Rep. Andrew Stoddard wants to begin impeachment proceedings against Sean Reyes

Rep. Brian King has a bill that would limit the ability of the AG to file “friend of the court” briefs.

AG Reyes responds

The Guv and Lt. Guv weigh in

The House really loves #Spida. I mean really loves him.

Rep. Craig Hall has a bill that curtails no-knock and knock-and-announce warrants

Rep. Harrison has a bill that allows PEHP to negotiate cheaper prices on prescription meds

Senator Iwamoto has a bill that stiffens penalty for 3rd domestic violence offense

Rep. Dailey-Provost got her “Contraception for Inmates” bill passed out of committee on a 9-3-2 vote. All six women on the committee (D and R) voted for the bill.

And of course, there’s an abortion bill

Troy Williams, executive director of Equality Utah has a girl crush on the LG….