Business 2-1-21

  • The Worst Mistake GameStop Investors Can Make Right Now (Motley Fool) –  Assuming the party will continue. It very likely won’t, and those who invest believing it will are the ones in line to get hurt the worst when it all comes crashing down.
  • Robinhood narrows stock trade restrictions (Fox Business) – Robinhood narrowed its stock trade restrictions from 50 to 8 companies on Sunday, including GameStop, Koss Corporation, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Express Inc., Naked Brands Group, Genius Brands International, BlackBerry Limited, and Nokia Corp.
  • Walmart donates $14 million as part of broader pledge to advance racial equity (CNBC) –  The money will go to 16 nonprofit organizations that are tackling racial inequities in various ways, such as educating communities of color about the Covid-19 vaccines, reducing debt for students at historically Black colleges and universities and providing internet access and technology to children who are attending school remotely.