AFP-Utah applauds transparency to taxpayers on appropriations requests

Americans for Prosperity-Utah (AFP-Utah) today praises the launch of the new Legislator Requests for Appropriations webpage where Utahns can now see who, what, and how much legislators are requesting of their hard-earned tax dollars. 

AFP-Utah State Director Heather Andrews issued the following statement:

Taxpayers will now have a better understanding of which legislators would like to spend hard-earned taxpayer dollars and on what areas. This new tool can serve as the foundation for open dialogue regarding spending, especially in circumstances where there could have been a less costly alternative or where there should be no government money spent, such as a request to fund the Toilets Aren’t Trash Cans Campaign. Thank you to Rep. Jeff Moss for driving the launch of the platform that has the potential to translate into lawmakers improved prioritization and utilization of taxpayer dollars.”