State Board of Ed. responds to requests for member removal

 In response to recent inquiries regarding Board Member removal, Utah State Board of Education leadership, consisting of Chair Mark Huntsman, and Vice Chairs Laura Belnap and Cindy Davis,  issued the following statement:

“The Utah State Board of Education supports and welcomes the continued dialogue regarding civic engagement and the election process. Over the past 24 hours, we have received messages both in support and in opposition of a member of the Board who was recently elected through this process. 

As members of the Board, we hold our positions as state representatives following a governed public election. We are required by state code to run elections through the same process that is used to elect all other state officials, including legislators, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, etc. The state law surrounding the continuation of our membership during each of our elected terms is, therefore, the same as with all other elected state officials.

The board has no legal authority regarding the removal or maintenance of any state board member’s seat. The only methods of removal are impeachment pursuant to Utah Code 77-5-1, resignation of the seat before the fulfillment of a four year term, or through the regular election process when a board member’s term has ended. 

We respect and encourage the involvement of our constituents statewide, including all of our valued stakeholders.  We will continue to work hard to represent all of our respective communities, and we remain committed to our duties of providing strategic vision and direction for Utah’s education system, while enabling local flexibility and accountability.”