Tweets of the day: Actions have consequences, and more

Today’s tweets start with two centarian’s experiences with COVID, what powerhouse Astrid Tuminez is up to, some actions and some maybe consequences and then some news will leave you scratching your head.

Such sad news! He became a bit of a folk hero, and now, COVID-19 has taken him too.

In happier news, Gail Halvorsen, aka, the Candy Bomber and another centarian, has recovered!

Pres Tuminez rocks. While many universities have struggled or shut down during COVID-19, Utah Valley University has emerged stronger — and more digital.

Actions (might) have consequences

Exhibit #2 for actions (might) have consequences. Natalie Cline used a fake identity to attend a PRIDE conference. She can’t be removed from office without being impeached, but she can be removed from her committee assignments.

Annnd, Exhibit 3 on actions and consequences….Republicans lost in Georgia, so instead of taking a step back, figuring out what didn’t resonate with their message or their candidates, they decide to…make it harder for people to vote.

But wait! There’s more! Exhibit #4. It’s a coup in Myanmar. That triggers specific consequences, like cutting foreign aid.

It’s just so weird…..

I mean, so weird.