Salt Lake Chamber surveys business owners to facilitate vaccination efforts

The Salt Lake Chamber’s Roadmap to Recovery Coalition, in partnership with Chamber’s Foundation – Utah Community Builders, has developed resources for employers seeking to understand the complexities of vaccine policy and business strategy. Part of this effort is a survey to gauge operational willingness and readiness of the business community to support a large-scale vaccine rollout.  

“Private sector support is essential to unlocking our full capacity to provide the necessary vaccine distribution channels to reach the most employees and families,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance.  “The business community continues to advocate for preventative measures to slow virus spread, and also recognizes the importance of vaccine education and distribution to ultimately defeat the virus and end the pandemic.”

To promote vaccinations for all Utahns, the Salt Lake Chamber has created business tools through the Roadmap to Recovery Coalition. These tools are intended to help business leaders at all levels encourage confidence, facilitate availability and distribution of vaccines, and return to economic growth as quickly as possible. This effort to build private sector support for a larger rollout seeks to assist and strengthen vaccination availability and simplify planning and delivery. 

“At Deseret Management Corporate we have started developing our comprehensive vaccine policy and appreciate the efforts of the Salt Lake Chamber and Roadmap to Recovery Coalition guiding this effort,” said Gary Porter, senior vice president. “Successful recovery will require that consumers feel safe, that they have timely and accurate information, as well as the most direct pathway possible to receiving the vaccine.”

Results from the survey will assist the Chamber with the dissemination and creation of vaccination information, resources, and best practices for businesses.

To take the COVID-19 Vaccination Employer Survey, click here.