Tweets of the day

Today’s tweet round-up includes some COVID-19 news, the “Negro Motorist Green Book,” adding new members to POST, National Girls and Women in Sports Day, National Women Physicians Day, the Tokyo Olympics chief who thinks women talk to much, and more.

2021 has been brutal – and it’s only Feb. 4

Black communities continue to be seriously underserved when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Ever heard of the “Negro Motorist Green Book”? For Black drivers during Jim Crow, a road trip could be dangerous, even deadly, and not because of car crashes. How awful that a map of safe spaces was needed.

Shout-out to Rep. Mike Winder and the Utah House for adding members to the POST Council

Feb 3 was National Girls and Women in Sports Day and BYU was on the ball.

Feb. 3 is also National Women Physicians Day and the U of U gave a shout-out to Elisabeth Blackwell, the nation’s first female Dr.

We still have so, so, so far to go

OK then

That’s not how this works

After-effects are real