Utah Dems want GOP congressmen to share their secret ballot votes on Liz Cheney

Wednesday night by secret ballot, House Republicans voted 145-61 to retain Liz Cheney in her position as chairwoman of the House Republican Caucus. Rep. Cheney came under fire by the Q-Anon wing of the party for her vote to impeach the president for his incitement of a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Now, the Utah Democratic Party calls upon Utah’s four Republican congressmen to be forthright with their constituents: How did they vote?


“Reps. Blake Moore, Chris Stewart, John Curtis, and Burgess Owens all shirked their responsibility to the people by voting against impeachment.” said Utah Democrats chairman Jeff Merchant. “Now, as the furthest reaches of the GOP sought to oust leadership members who disagree with their radical position, Utahns deserve to know if their representatives stood with the people — or against democracy.”

UDP today released a petition to be delivered to each of our members of Congress, demanding that Utah’s members of Congress announce what their secret votes were. Utahns have consistently demanded fair and honest leadership, offered to the people transparently, and this secret ballot goes against those core Utah values.


UDP is committed to their values of transparency in government. Earlier this week, UDP slammed state House and Senate Republican leaders in a press release for politically-motivated appointments to the state’s Independent Redistricting Committee.