CEOs of the Year

Each year, Utah Business magazine names a handful of chief executives CEO of the Year.

Of the eight honorees for 2014, three CEOs of the Year come from members of the Salt Lake Chamber, and we are thrilled that they are being recognized for the passion and dedication they bring to their businesses. We’d like to congratulate:

– Lane Clark, President & CEO of Spillman Technologies
– Michael Weinholtz, CEO of CHG Healthcare Services
– Sarah Lehman, CEO of ENVE Composites

This recognition is bestowed upon Chief Executive Officers in our state who embody leadership in their ability to innovate, adapt, inspire and also make the tough decisions that make a difference for business. They stand out above all the other professionals in our state, ensuring success in their business as well as in the Utah economy.

“These are chief execs who don’t just talk the talk, they are true visionaries who have an unflinching dedication to see their companies and employees succeed,” said the Utah Business article. “They bring a higher level of passion and dedication to all that they do.”

Lance Clark, President & CEO of Spillman Technologies

Lance Clark took over Spillman Technologies in 2006, and his core focus has been on serving the public safety community and promoting employee satisfaction. A provider of public safety software and services, Spillman Technologies loves to serve public safety and helping to catch “the bad guys.” Clark is called a “democratic leader,” listening to all sides and stakeholders before making a decision, by the company’s director of human resources Michael Smith.

“When I meet with Lance, he always wants to know if employees are happy, if employees need anything, if we’re treating employees correctly. So it’s very important for him to know if employees are satisfied,” said Michael Smith, director of human resources at Spillman, where there’s an emphasis on a company culture that allows work/life balance.

Spillman Technologies has been named a Utah Business “Best Company to Work For” three times since 2010.

Michael Weinholtz, CEO of CHG Healthcare Services 

CHG Healthcare Services also has the distinction of being a “Best Company to Work For,” not only in the state, but nationwide as well. Michael Weinholtz has been CEO of CHG Healthcare for 15 years, growing the company from 200 to 1,700 employees and involving each of them in the decision-making process.

Weinholtz’s focus is on people and their success. CHG earns its “Best Company to Work For” accolades through a host of ways, including offering a health clinic and gym on site, an award-winning employee training program, and keeping about 80 percent of promotions within the company. He recognizes that the success of the business relies on the success of its people. The Chamber interviewed Weinholtz last year when CHG was named the third best company to work for in the country by Fortune magazine.

“Mike is the epitome of a servant leader,” said Scott Beck, president and COO of CHG. “He’s very patient, he’s a tremendous listener and he creates an environment that attracts great people that have a lot of ambition and ability, and he gives you an opportunity to do your best work.”

Sarah Lehman, CEO of ENVE Composites

Sarah Lehman been at the helm of ENVE Composites since 2010, when she helped the company avoid bankruptcy and ended up staying because of her love for the company. A manufacturer of high-end, carbon-fiber bicycle wheels, components and frame parts, Ogden-based ENVE Composites has customers in 30 countries across the world. Her passionate leadership is said to have transformed the company and continues to inspire their team today.

“She leads by example,” said Taylor Satterwhaite, who co-owns the company. “She’s there longer than anyone else. She works really hard. She’s enthusiastic; she’s organized. I think people look at her and realize, ‘Wow, this company can be something.’” And it is–the company is moving jobs back from Asia and is making all of its rims in Ogden.

Congratulations on being named CEOs of the Year!