Rep. Blake Moore on the importance of Black History Month

Congressman Moore weighed in on the news over the weekend that a school in North Ogden was allowing parents to opt their children out of learning about Black History Month. “I share the disappointment and sadness at the news that some in the Ogden area community sought to opt out of Black History Month lessons and events. I am heartened that our local school reversed its decision under the guidance of strong leadership. While I have not reviewed the curriculum myself, I strongly believe we cannot learn American history without learning Black history,” he said. 

“When I was a student, Ogden High School held an assembly celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I can still remember the song that was sung. The fact that I recall it all these years later is evidence that it was a worthwhile and meaningful part of my own education. I wish I had learned even more about our diverse cultural, national, and regional history when I was growing up. 

In January, I had the privilege to speak at the Bear River Massacre anniversary, and in my speech, I lamented I had not even known about the Native American lives that were lost that day until I was 40 years old. Similarly, I never learned in school about the significance of Juneteenth. It is crucial to embrace our shared history. Imagine if we had to teach Utah history without highlighting the persecution of early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who led the migration west. 

The First District of Utah is a welcoming, inclusive community, and our children should learn and celebrate Black history without controversy. In 1926, Carter Woodson petitioned for recognition of Black achievement and it is incumbent on us to honor that legacy by taking time to reemphasize the contribution of African Americans to the advancement and preservation of this nation. This news gave me an opportunity to discuss this with my own kids, and I encourage everyone to do so not only during this Black History Month, but every month of the year.”