‘The Return of Romney’

In races where Mitt Romney has endorsed 2014 candidates facing competitive primary challenges, he’s undefeated so far, providing evidence that the “Romney wing” of the Republican Party is alive and well. 

Reports National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar:

While many politicians endorse candidates who are safe bets to win primaries, the normally risk-averse Romney has eagerly put his reputation on the line, backing candidates in next month’s primaries who face challenging odds. In California, Neel Kashkari is vying to finish ahead of tea-party candidate Tim Donnelly in the governor’s race, while Romney-endorsed Nevada state Sen. Mark Hutchison is hoping to defeat former Senate candidate Sue Lowden in the state’s lieutenant governor’s primary. In Colorado, he weighed in on behalf of former Rep. Bob Beauprez, running in a competitive gubernatorial primary. And Romney just announced support for former Paul Ryan aide Elise Stefanik, facing well-funded opposition running for a New York congressional seat from GOP businessman Matt Doheny.

“He’s not afraid to make a choice. He sees a candidate who he thinks will be good and have a shot at winning, he’s going to get involved,” said Tom Rath, a longtime Romney adviser who remains in touch with the former presidential nominee. “He’s a very smart guy. He understands the process now, and sees the difference outside validation can make if it’s done the right away and it’s done early enough.”