Tweets of the day: RTC “guardrails,” 2nd impeachment trial

Today’s tweets fall into two categories – legislative “guardrails” placed on residential treatment centers and the 2nd impeachment trial of former President Trump. We’re barely skimming the surface of what’s out there in the Twitterverse on these two topics. Senator Mike McKell has been working on a much needed bill to put “guard rails” around residential treatment centers in Utah. He got some help from someone using her large platform to push for change.

Reporter Jessica Miller has been doing the heavy lifting for months. Stories like these are horrific and must be told – but also, so hard to stomach. Kudos to her.

In other news, a second impeachment trial begins in the US Senate today. GOP Rep. Kinzinger calls on Senate Republicans to convict Trump, noting that “This isn’t a waste of time. It’s a matter of accountability. If the GOP doesn’t take a stand, the chaos of the past few months, and the past four years, could quickly return. The future of our party and our country depends on confronting what happened — so it doesn’t happen again.”