Situational Analysis – February 12, 2021

Happy Friday and welcome to a long weekend! The Utah legislature is taking Monday off for President’s Day, so Utah Policy will as well. We will be back in your inboxes Tuesday morning. 

As we head into Valentine’s Day weekend, here’s a bit of trivia for you. It was on February 14th that history says Saint Valentine was beheaded in Rome. His crime? Continuing to perform weddings after Claudius the Cruel, Emperor of Rome, outlawed marriages so more men would be willing to become fodder for his war machine. Also on Feb. 14, 1931, The original Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi is released. How romantic. (Hot tip: Your Valentine will probably be more impressed if you DON’T take him or her to watch death by blood sucking monsters. Although the Twilight movies might be ok….)

Also this weekend: Trump’s defense lawyers will present their case to the Senate.

If you only have time for one thing today: Read and heed the warnings from the National Weather Service: Avalanche danger is high in the mountains. Both human-triggered and natural avalanches are likely “and can be up to 5 feet deep, several hundred feet wide and likely unsurvivable.” Be safe out there.


21 days to the end of the 2021 Utah Legislature (3/5/21)
61 days until the end of the Cox/Henderson administration’s first 100 days (04/14/2021)
77 days until the Biden/Harris administration’s first 100 days are up (04/30/2021)