Keeping up with the SL Chamber’s legislative priorities

Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance, presents the legislative priorities for Utah’s business community, including short-term recovery priorities and long-term growth priorities. 


Additionally, every week, the Chamber’s policy team publishes a legislative watchlist so you can stay up to date on legislation that impacts you and your business.
The Chamber takes the following range of positions on bills:
  • “Monitor” means the bill is of interest to Chamber members, but the Chamber does not have a specific position on the bill.
  • “Concern” means the Chamber is concerned with the current status of the bill and is working with the bill sponsor.
  • “Oppose” means the Chamber is opposed to the bill as currently written.
  • “Support” means the Chamber supports passage of the bill.
  • “Priority” means the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors has designated this bill as priority for the business community. Legislators’ votes on Priority Bills are used to determine the Chamber’s Business Champion Awards.
We encourage you to visit the Chamber’s legislative watchlist and use the far right column to find bills relevant to your topic of interest and view bill status and description.