Utah State Board of Education leadership statement on board member’s social media post

A recent social media post by Board Member Natalie Cline has caused public concern regarding its content and nature.  

As the leadership of the Utah State Board of Education (Board), we first recognize that all Board members are free to speak as private citizens outside of their official capacity as Board members. However, it is important to address concerns regarding any attribution of Member Cline’s comments to the Board or its official positions. 

The comments of one Board member as a private citizen do not reflect nor should be construed as the Board’s position on any matter. The Board’s official positions continue to be made through votes by the full Board in our regular Board meetings and recorded on the Board’s website.   

We reiterate that the Board’s official position on issues, including some recently raised in social media, can be found on our Board website and include: the Board’s strategic plan centered on equity through the four main areas of personalized learning, safe and healthy schools, early learning, and effective educators and leaders; the Board’s resolution denouncing racism and supporting equity in schools; and the core standards developed for core subjects including civic education.  

We will continue to work on Board bylaws to ensure they include processes to redress recently raised concerns in a manner that will foster productive dialogue and prevent misunderstandings regarding the Board and its positions.  

We encourage Board members to continue to seek opportunities for growth and understanding when issues are brought to each of them, and to seek a spirit of community and collaboration to foster improvements in Utah public education. 


Chair Mark Huntsman

Vice Chair Laura Belnap

Vice Chair Cindy Davis