Friday change-of-pace: Do your members of Congress ever kick back & relax? Yes, and here’s how


Politics has been rather intense and even ugly for the last several months. So, to lighten things up a bit, we asked Utah’s congressional offices what their bosses like to when they have time to totally kick back and relax . . . to escape the craziness of Washington and forget, at least for a short time, the pressing issues of the day.

Here’s what they said (Sen. Mitt Romney’s office declined to participate):


Congressman Chris Stewart: “Rep. Stuart enjoys being outdoors and skiing with his wife. He also plays the guitar and one night he unknowingly put on a concert for the construction workers who were working in the hall outside of his office (it was a quick concert, as he really only knows how to play one song). Luckily, he received a standing ovation. It is now said that late at night you can hear the faint strumming of Congressman Stewart throughout the halls of the Cannon Building. It’s kinda spooky.”

Congressman Blake Moore: “To decompress, Blake and his wife, Jane, go out and grab dinner and circle the block until the babysitter has put their three boys down for bed. Blake focuses most of his extra time on Little League with Max and George, Candyland with Winnie, and Mario Kart as a family. Blake loves to golf, boat, and ski, and he is on a 3-day exercise streak. However, he predicts the Jazz win streak will outlast his.”

Congressman Burgess Owens: “Family comes first – when he’s not in Washington, Rep. Owens loves spending quality time with his six children and 16 grandchildren. On the weekends, the Owens family likes to visit Rita’s frozen custard and watch 80’s Disney movies, and during the post-lunch lull, Rep. Owens is known to enjoy a cold Coca-Cola.”

Congressman John Curtis: “Rep. Curtis enjoys exercise, often going on runs around the monuments early in the morning before votes or meetings start. He loves home renovation and repair. He’s happy to read when he has a minute and if he likes a book he’ll leave it on his staffer’s desk to borrow after he’s done.”

Senator Mike Lee: “On his downtime, Senator Lee loves barbecuing with friends and family. He’s gotten quite good at smoking brisket and pork shoulders. He loves skiing and hiking. He loves running, but doesn’t get out there as much as he’d like to. Being Mike Lee, he loves reading Supreme Court opinions – they’re like beach books for him. He writes a lot, too – including three books since he was elected to the Senate. And, of course, he’s a huge fan of classic rock.”