Salt Lake based Jacobsen Construction opens new headquarters

In a promising sign of economic stability and pandemic recovery in Utah, nationally-ranked general contractor Jacobsen Construction Company, Inc. is opening a newly-built modern headquarters near the Salt Lake City International Airport, a significant milestone in the history of the nearly century-old company.

The new headquarters was constructed by Jacobsen, for Jacobsen — fulfilling a long-held dream to put employees in the same kind of inspiring, impeccably built surroundings that they have made possible for so many clients over the years.

“We are elated to be reaching a cherished milestone for Jacobsen that we have looked forward to with great anticipation: a new company home, built by our own hands,” said Jacobsen President and CEO Gary Ellis. “Our new headquarters is a tangible way for our company to chart its own course and put present-day and future generations of employees in a position to succeed. Creating our own home meant that we were able to emphasize a workplace that reflects the values, priorities, and skills of Jacobsen’s people.”

The three-story, 63,000 square-foot headquarters includes modern workplace amenities and top-notch business features throughout, including superb gym, yoga and meditation spaces; “living rooms” designed for informal collaborations; accommodations for electric vehicles; numerous inspiring offices with floor-to-ceiling windows; spacious conference rooms; a training room with sophisticated presentation tech; a café space designed for comfort and connection; and much more. The new building is located at 5181 W. Amelia Earhart Drive, located in a bustling commercial neighborhood at the convergence of industry, travel and hospitality. The Salt Lake City International Airport, the major travel hub that makes Utah the crossroads of the west, is just a three miles away.

The building was designed by longtime trusted Jacobsen partner VCBO Architecture. Every aspect of the headquarters was designed and built with the goal of fostering employees’ strong sense of pride in Jacobsen’s 99 years of prosperity since its founding in 1922 — and to look forward, with a sense of optimism and purpose, to the company’s next century of achievement and success.

“This headquarters connects our pride in our past with our vision for the future — and it’s simply a great place to go to work in every day,” said Jacobsen Headquarters Project Manager Stan Burke, who oversaw the construction of the building. “This building is a stake in the ground saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to be here for a long time.’ You don’t construct a headquarters like this unless you’re planning on being around for the long haul.”

The completion of Jacobsen’s new headquarters comes at a time of immense opportunity and excitement for Jacobsen, which is currently working on several projects reshaping the skyline of Salt Lake City. Jacobsen downtown projects currently under construction include the 21-story Liberty Sky apartments, The West Quarter multi-use hospitality, retail, and entertainment venue and — as of later this year — Kensington Tower — which will be the tallest structure in Utah at 39 stories high. Other signature builds under construction by Jacobsen are the Primary Children’s Hospital Lehi campus and the major renovation and restoration of the historic Salt Lake Temple and Church Office Building Plaza on Temple Square.

Jacobsen finalized its move into the new headquarters in late January and early February. The company is continuing to implement its hybrid work-from-home policies as appropriate due to COVID-19.