More bills to watch

We’ve come to the point in the legislative session where it’s becoming clear that some bills just won’t see the light of day. Bills like HJR13, the Joint Resolution declaring racism a moral and public health crisis can’t get scheduled for a committee hearing. HB278, the bill to change the name of Dixie State, passed out of the House without difficulty and is now stuck in Senate rules, along with HJR 8 and HCR 4. There are a myriad of ways for bills to die and we are starting to see them play out as we approach the end of the session.

Here are a smattering of the bills that are being heard in committee meetings today:

HB160, Distracted Driver Amendments sponsored by Rep. Spackman Moss in the House and carried by Sen. Ipson in the Senate, this bill would prohibit the use of “handheld wireless communication devices” while driving. These include cell phones, laptops, tablets and any other portable device that is used to “write, send, or read text or data” and requires manual input. This bill will be heard in the House Government Ops committee this morning.

The House Revenue and Taxation Committee will hear tax bills addressing Utah’s personal tax exemptions, (SB153), retirement income tax (SB11), energy storage asset tax credits (HB153), property tax exemptions (SB18) and more. 

In the Senate Education Committee, their very full agenda has 14 bills up for consideration, including SB163, Campus Safety Amendments. In addition, there is HB279 that provides higher education opportunities for incarcerated youth, HB258, firearm safety in schools, two bills on civics education (HB124 and HCR15) and SB226, which makes revisions to online education. 

To see the entire calendar, go to and scroll down to “calendar”. Click on the link and then go to the committee hearing or floor debate of your choice.