Tweets of the day: #utleg roundup

A couple of tweets about COVID-19, the discriminatory past of the Hotel Utah, racism as a public health crisis, restorative justice, killing a bill that would prevent discrimination based on “natural hair,” Dixie State students highly invested in changing the name of their university while the Utah Senate sits on the bill and are you afraid of Black History Month?

Getting shots in arms saves lives

Utah’s governor is pretty optimistic about COVID-19 restrictions going away

The Hotel Utah would not allow Black guests until the 1950’s. But Black employees could enter through the back door.

And in 2021, the Utah legislature is on its way to declaring racism a public health crisis

A bill on restorative justice passes committee

Utah’s version of the CROWN act, preventing discrimination based on natural hair and culturally-appropriate hair styles is dead in this year’s legislative session.

Dixie State students headed to Utah’s Capitol hill to ask (beg) Utah’s Senators to pass the bill allowing the university to change its name

Who’s afraid of Black History month??