Seeking nominations for this year’s Common Ground Leader Award!

We hear a lot about the anger and the rancor that some elected officials and other leaders engage in. Their behavior might make headlines but it doesn’t usually make for good policy. What does make for good policy is a willingness to come to the table, to listen, to examine and to learn from multiple perspectives. Then, doing the heavy lifting of solving complex problems that need addressing. Many times, those efforts happen in the background and can easily be overlooked. We want to change that. 

Utah Policy is delighted to partner with the Common Ground Institute in recognizing those elected officials, organizations, community advocates and other individuals who worked hard to find common ground and make a difference as bridge builders. They may (and probably do) have strong opinions and differing views but have been able to work together for the common good. 

We are asking for your nominations for the first Common Ground Leader Award! Nominations are open beginning today, March 10, and continuing through March 20. Please help us recognize those bridge builders and difference-makers who know that compromise is not a dirty word. 

Here is former Congressman Ben McAdams on the award: