A New Chapter for LaVarr Webb

A message from LaVarr Webb to Utah Policy Daily and Utah Pulse subscribers: 


I’ve been publishing Utah Policy Daily and Utah Pulse for several years, and I’ve relied upon Bryan Schott, Bob Bernick, Golden Webb and a few others to write articles and produce the newsletters.

I want to let readers know that I have retired from the Exoro Group so I can focus more on writing and publishing endeavors, especially Utah Policy Daily and Utah Pulse. I’m looking forward to doing more writing and expanding our subscriber base. I will bring a mainstream voice and post articles two or three times a week, in addition to continuing my weekly political column in the Deseret News with Frank Pignanelli.

My new e-mail address is [email protected], although [email protected] will still work for a while. I have actually been financially separated from Exoro for many months, but it has taken a while to get arrangements made and the paperwork done.

My years of work as a political consultant with Exoro Group have been terrific, but now I want to do more writing, mentoring of young people, and providing strategic advice.

I will still serve some clients, and I’m still available to consult on communications projects. I still do persuasive writing for clients, including op-eds, speeches, white papers, committee testimony, and such things.

I will write about Utah politics, government, and public policy, but also do some off-beat stuff about farming and downtown living.

I will also spend more time at my farm in northern Box Elder County where I’m raising grass-fed beef, pigs, free-range chickens, and lots of trout in my fishing pond. We’ll have a picnic up there some time and invite everyone!