GOP chair Derek Brown not running for a second term

After much speculation about what most certainly would have been a successful bid for a second term at the helm of Utah’s Republican party, Chaiman Derek Brown sent out the following letter announcing that he would not, in fact, be running. Full letter below.

Dear Friends:
As my two-year term serving as the Chairman of the Utah Republican Party draws to a close, I have been humbled by the number of people encouraging me to run for another term.
As I review these past two years, they have truly been both challenging and successful beyond anything I could have ever imagined. With your support, we:
  • Lifted the party out of crushing debt.  
  • Implemented a strong organizational structure, fortifying the UTGOP just in time for a pandemic.  
  • Raised over $1 million. 
  • Executed a first-of-its-kind virtual convention in the middle of one of Utah’s most impactful election cycles in decades.
  • Received incredible feedback from delegates and even national press for our convention’s success.
  • Witnessed unprecedented 2020 election victories all across Utah.
  • United our party and accomplished goal #1: winning back Utah’s 4th Congressional District.
During the past few weeks, Emilie and I have spent many hours reviewing our family’s needs. We have some critical life events just around the corner, and a little family that needs a dad with one full-time job–not two.  
After much soul searching, we simply can’t escape the feeling that it is time to pass the baton. Party leadership service, after all, is no different from public service. It is designed to be seasonal. You commit to serving 100% for a short season, wear yourself out in the process, and then pass the heavy baton to another who likewise feels that “subtle nudge” to serve.
The most rewarding aspect of party service is the friendships we have made along the way. Emilie and I could never express appropriate gratitude to the countless people we have grown to love, and who have silently sacrificed for our party. 
I am grateful for an incomparable leadership team—Rob Axson, Kendra Seeley, and Mike Bird—who successfully united our party and helped us see victories we never thought possible. Also, our devoted party staff—Laurel Price, Chris Coombs, and Lynda Cox—have burned the midnight oil on the party’s behalf more times than anyone will ever know. Truly, I have been blessed to serve with a “dream team.” 
I am also grateful for a convention committee that is planning our upcoming convention and I commit to supporting our next chair as my predecessors have kindly supported me.
President Reagan’s farewell address has always inspired me. As he concluded, he said simply “My friends: we did it. We weren’t just marking time. We made a difference.” 
It is my sincere hope that, in some small measure, I likewise have not simply marked time, but also made a difference. 
Thank you for the honor of a lifetime that it has been to serve as your chair.
With sincere appreciation,