National Headlines 6-2-14

President Obama goes rogue on Gitmo (Politico)

Sarah Palin on Bowe Bergdahl: President Obama ‘blew it’ (Politico)

Democrats’ new coal headache (The Hill)

Obama Orders Pollution Cuts, but Timing Uncertain (Associated Press)

Coal-state lawmakers rally against power plant emissions crackdown (FOX News)

Senate race, from jumbled to jelling around Ernst (Associated Press)

NRA chastises open carry protests in Texas (Star-Telegram)

US Supreme Court: don’t use chemical weapons ban to charge vengeful wife (Christian Science Monitor)

Obama creates group to help border-crossing kids (USA Today)

The Supreme Court won’t intervene in the James Risen case. What’s next? (Washington Post)

Scott vetoes higher speed limits in Florida (Palm Beach Post)