Situational Analysis – March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, the day that observes the death of the patron saint of Ireland. Virtually all big celebrations this year will be held, well, virtually. 

This morning, there is news that Utah County Commissioner Tanner Ainge is resigning his position because of a hostile work environment to pursue other professional opportunities. All the best to him. And, former President Trump says the US Supreme Court should be “ashamed” that it “lacked the courage” to reverse President Biden’s win. Sigh. 

If you only have time for one thing: Catch up on the history of St. Patrick by perusing some of the numerous articles and videos about him from You might know about his explaining the Holy Trinity though the use of shamrocks and the stories of him chasing snakes out of Ireland, but did you know he was not Irish? Check it out. You could also take a minute to listen to Danny Boy, or anything from Celtic Woman.


28 days until the end of the Cox/Henderson administration’s first 100 days (04/14/2021)
44 days until the Biden/Harris administration’s first 100 days are up (04/30/2021)
178 days until half-way through the Cox/Henderson’s administration’s 500-day plan (09/11/2021)