Carson Jorgensen announces he is running for Chair of the Utah GOP

Mr. Carson Jorgensen, a successful 6th generation rancher, father of 4 daughters, and husband to Amy, announces his candidacy for State Chair for the Utah GOP.  
Leader:  Carson’s extensive knowledge of both rural and urban Utah is a unique strength across Utah.  We have never needed a strong, articulate leader more than we do now. Carson is the leader who can work with state and local leaders to shore up local control, ensure wise public lands stewardship, healthy forests, wildfire mitigation, and protect the sources of our food production, and more.   
Expand the tent:  As conservatives and Republicans, we must elevate the dialogue and engage better in our principles that make Utah such a great state.  “As a young Republican, we must expand the tent and attract new voters; especially young voters,” Carson said.  “I am proud of the diverse team we assembled during the last election cycle at the Salt Lake County GOP. We need many more Utahns to find a home in the GOP.”
Volunteers:  “The Salt Lake County GOP was particularly successful in the 2020 campaign. We relied on a great team of volunteers, and couldn’t have done it without them.  We must follow suit at the state level and recruit many more skilled volunteers.  In order to do so, we need to put procedures in place to support and help them succeed in the important work they do”, says Carson.
Social Media:  Carson’s extensive social media platform has reached millions.  His commitment and service to the Salt Lake County GOP during the 2020 election cycle were invaluable as he helped secure a super-majority on the Salt Lake County Council.  “Social media played a key role in the 2020 election in Salt Lake County. We need to expand the social media footprint of our state party as well”, says Mr. Jorgensen