Rep. Stewart discusses the dangers of politicizing the military

Last week, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle to discuss the dangers of politicizing the military. Over the past few days, some uniformed service members have engaged in political commentary. This is an irresponsible, dangerous trend that must be stopped. Our military leaders need to focus on their all-important duty: Defending the American people.

“This is not their job. They are not to set policy and they are not supposed to be involved in politics…In a day when everything is politicized, everything from the NBA, football, toys, Dr. Seuss, the border wall, big tech — everything is politicized. We always counted on one thing not being [politicized], and that is the military.”

“If we allow them to start engaging in politics, are they going to start advocating for a pay raise? Are they going to start advocating what our policy should be, whether we withdraw from Iraq? Or whether we engage with China? Their job is to prepare to fight and win wars. Let the policymakers determine how we engage, and where we engage, and stay out of politics.”