Owens Hits Love Over Support of Shutdown

It’s clear how Democrat Doug Owens plans to attack his opponent, Republican Mia Love, during this year’s campaign.

Owens and Congressman Jim Matheson brought up last year’s government shutdown a dozen times during a Tuesday morning press conference in South Jordan.

Matheson and Owens appeared together at the same site where, last November, Love joined a rally celebrating Sen. Mike Lee’s leading role in the 16-day shutdown of the federal government last October.

Just to make sure attendees at the event didn’t miss the connection they’re trying to draw between Love and the government shutdown, Owens’ campaign set up a picture of her cheering on Sen. Lee at the rally last November.

“Partisan rhetoric doesn’t solve problems,” said Owens. “Practical people can do good things in Washington, but we need reason, not rigidity. We’re standing right where Love cheered on her support of Mike Lee and Ted Cruz’s accomplishment shutting down the government.”

Matheson, who is retiring after this year, was on hand to offer up his endorsement of Owens, saying he would be a far better choice than the woman he barely squeaked by to hold on to his office in 2012.

“Nobody won during the shutdown, which cost the U.S. economy $28 billion dollars. Utahns want someone who will go to Washington and be an independent voice who puts Utah first.”

This is not the first time Owens has hit Love over her “cheerleading” of the shutdown. In their first debate last month Owens repeatedly brought up the topic.

It’s not certain when Owens will get another face-to-face crack at Love. Love’s campaign manager tells UtahPolicy.com that the next confirmed debate between the two candidates isn’t set until five months from now in October.

“Much about our politics can be trivial,” said Owens. “Utah needs someone in Washington willing to work across party lines. My opponent’s support of the shutdown does not reflect the prevailing view in Utah.”