SLCo GOP Chairman Scott Miller seeks to become Chair of the Utah GOP

After a tremendously successful 2020 election year, SLCo GOP Chairman Scott Miller is determined to apply his winning formula state-wide.  

Chairman Miller stated, “Salt Lake County is the largest, most diverse County in the State of Utah.  Every candidate that worked directly with our County election team from start to finish won their respective race!” 

“We successfully delivered to Salt Lake County voters a Republican supermajority on the Salt Lake County Council.  We also assisted in taking back Congressional District 4 and helped keep the assessor’s office Republican. Our unprecedented success was not by chance, but was well planned, well-executed, and extremely successful”.  


Miller continues, “As they say, “if you can win Salt Lake County, you can win across Utah”.

Items at the State GOP that Chairman Miller will implement includes:

– Direct, targeted, conservative messaging.  Chairman Miller states, “Every one of our successful candidates focused on voter-relevant issues.  They embraced a policy of identifying, articulating, and implementing issues that are important to all Salt Lake County voters and specific to the race they were running. When our candidates campaign on specific issues and principles, our voters are better able to hold them accountable.”  

” The issues adopted by our candidates ranged from a bloated County budget, numerous overpaid County Deputy Mayors, environmental issues, Constitutional Amendment D, and more.”

“If elected as state GOP Chairman, I will employ this same strategy in races all across Utah. We must do a better job at articulating our conservative principles and how they apply to our everyday life”.  

– Increased Grassroots influence. Chairman Miller states, “In many instances, our constituents, concerned parents, and voters are being left out and ignored as more and more “deals” are struck behind closed doors with lobbyists, mega-donors, and certain elected officials.”

“Under my leadership, we will strengthen the voice and the role of voters, volunteers, and residents who are the backbone of our GOP”.  

– Government overreach.  Chairman Miller states, “In Salt Lake County, we have seen first hand the pitfalls of the Executive Branch (Mayor’s office) overreaching and interfering with the Executive Branch (County Council), particularly in the planning department, land use, and staff operations.  This has resulted in heavy-handed, secretive, and arbitrary actions from the SLCo Mayor’s office”.  

Chairman Miller continues, “Under my leadership, we will respect the roles of the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government and we will push back any attempts of either Branch to interfere with the roles of the other”.  

– Fund Raising.  Some believe the main focus of the State and County Party should be to raise money.  While fundraising is important, our successful 2020 election proved that strategic spending, careful selection of contractors, the extensive recruiting and use of top-notch volunteers, and clear, articulate messaging are as important or more.  Despite being outspent nearly 10 to 1 in some races, we expanded our majority where others said it could not be done.  With disciplined spending, we were able to provide to the candidates:

  • free yard signs, 
  • free campaign websites, 
  • free email services, 
  • free videos, and 
  • extensive messaging and communications support to numerous campaigns. 

Of course, we will focus on raising the funds needed to operate the Party, but we will also focus on these other critical strategies and deliverables.  Chair Miller states, “As conservatives, we proved in Salt Lake County, we really can do more with less, even in political campaigns.  We will do the same for the State GOP”.   

– Expanding the tent.  “My philosophy is, we embrace people no matter their race, income, sexual orientation, etc.  Not only did we help elect the first Native American to the Salt Lake County Council, but also a single mother from the West side as a new Council member At-Large.  Our volunteers include Republicans, conservative-leaning Democrats, members of the LGBTQ community, a rancher from rural Utah, and more.  Volunteers and new voters, anchored in conservative principles, will continue to be welcomed as we expand our Republican party across the State”, states Chairman Miller.  

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