Rep. Stewart introduces the No Mask Mandate for Kids Act

Today, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) introduced the No Mask Mandate for Kids Act. This legislation rescinds President Biden’s mandate that children must wear masks while traveling domestically, allowing industries, states, and families to make their own decision. 

“This decision doesn’t belong in the hands of the federal government,” said Congressman Stewart. “Families with young children are being thrown off flights for the slightest mask-wearing ‘infraction.’ Industries, states, and families have a right to decide whether or not children have to wear masks while traveling.”

On his second day in office, President Biden signed a blanket executive order requiring the usage of masks while traveling. As a result, the CDC made masks mandatory for all individuals on public transportation conveyances and hubs with only a few poorly defined exceptions.

Meanwhile, there has been no reasonable scientific backing to support the federal requirement that children wear masks. This mandate is directly impacting families in Utah and across the country. It’s time we ended this perverse requirement and let localities decide what’s best.