Rep. Stewart’s statement on President Biden’s first press conference

Today, President Biden held his first solo press conference since taking office. Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement:

“After not holding a formal press conference for longer than any president in modern history, President Biden finally acknowledged the many crises our nation currently faces. Unfortunately, his perception of our circumstances did not leave me encouraged about the direction of our country.

“Despite refusing to reopen the economy, planning a major tax hike and ballooning our debt, Biden stated that America will remain the world’s economic leader. He also claimed that he is sending back the ‘vast majority’ of families attempting to illegally cross our border. In reality, the Biden Administration expelled just 13% of migrants in the past week.

“Blaming the former administration for the border crisis and villainizing the Republican Party, all while championing ‘unity,’ is as misleading as it is fruitless. Ensuring America’s national security and encouraging our economy should not be political endeavors. Let’s acknowledge the challenges we face and work together – America needs action, not empty rhetoric.”