Most Voters Say Congress Doesn’t Deserve Summer Vacation

Congress is away from Washington on their Summer recess, but most voters think they don’t deserve to take a break.

The Hill highlights a Fox News poll that finds 82% of voters think Congress hasn’t “worked hard enough” to take a vacation.

Those numbers hold across party lines. 13% of Republicans and 17% of Democrats think Congress needs time off. Only 10% of independent voters think Congress is deserving of a vacation.

President Obama gets a little more slack for being away from D.C.

Voters are more forgiving of President Obama’s week away from Washington. Forty-eight percent of voters approved of his annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard, which begins next week. But those numbers are bolstered by Democrats approval, with 80 percent of Democrats feeling he is deserving while, 23 percent of Republicans and 36 percent of Independents saying the same.

While there is a wide consensus among voters, members of Congress themselves do not consider the month away from Washington a break, and it is officially titled a district work period.