Reps. Stewart and Moore issue statement on corporate responses to Georgia voting law

Today, Congressmen Chris Stewart (UT-02) and Blake Moore (UT-01) released the following statement on corporate responses to Georgia’s recent voting law.

“As members of Congress, it is our honor and privilege to protect Americans’ freedom of speech. Diversity of thought is what drives our democracy and allows our nation to be the most free and inclusive in the world. Private citizens and corporations alike enjoy the ability to make decisions based on their convictions—a right we will always fight to uphold. 

“However, we are disappointed in the large corporations that have bent to misinformed political pressure over Georgia’s recent voting law. We believe the statements and decisions made by several corporations were based on a fictitious narrative, not facts. We echo the concerns outlined by our colleague Congressman Drew Ferguson (GA-03) in a recent letter to Delta Air Lines, and we agree that critics of the voting law are unable to credibly and accurately point to aspects of the bill that hinder Georgians’ voting rights. Like other states in our union, Georgia faced major voting challenges due to the pandemic and increased voter turnout during this last election cycle. The state has taken necessary actions to secure election integrity, a laudable and important mission. Companies can take political stances under social pressure, but we strongly encourage them to ensure their positions are truthful and thoughtful. 

“We will continue to advocate for free speech, but we ask our nation’s largest corporations to act credibly and refrain from boycotting states in order to maintain a productive national discourse.”