An All-GOP Delegation Would Put Utah in Rare Company in Washington, D.C.

If Mia Love wins her contest against Doug Owens in November, Utah will become the 6th state with an all-Republican delegation.

The American Spectator notes there are currently 5 states with all-GOP delegations in Congress and 5 states with all Democrats. If Love wins, it will tip that tie in favor of the GOP.

Five states currently send all-Democrat delegations (senators and representatives) to Congress: Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), Massachusetts (11), Rhode Island (4), and Hawaii (4).

Likewise, five states have sent all-Republican delegations to the current Congress: Idaho (4), Kansas (6), Nebraska (5), Oklahoma (5), and Wyoming (3).

If this balance remains otherwise constant in November, Utah will not only contribute another Republican to the House of Representatives, but tip the scale in favor of Republicans for sending homogeneous delegations.