National Headlines 8-20-13

White House: ‘Difficult to imagine’ US seizing reporters’ hard drives (The Hill)

Rubio takes low profile on immigration (The Hill)

DeMint: Republicans unwilling to defund ObamaCare ‘need to be replaced’ (The Hill)

Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was shot in face before capture: court documents (New York Daily News)

Manning Will Be Sentenced on Wednesday (New York Times)

Prosecution rests in Fort Hood court-martial of Nidal Malik Hasan (Los Angeles Times)

Maine gov denies saying Obama ‘hates white people’ (USA Today)

Biden’s son under evaluation at M.D. Anderson (Houston Chronicle)

New ad uses recordings from Trayvon Martin shooting (USA Today)

’72 Miami Dolphins get ceremony at White House, 40 years after perfect season (McClatchy)

Really? San Diego Mayor Bob Filner might return to work, even as talks continue (CNN)

State Dept. officials placed on leave after Benghazi attack are reinstated (Washington Post)