Love Would Be Lone Republican Member of Congressional Black Caucus (Video)

If she wins her bid for a seat in Congress, Mia Love would become the first Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus since Alan West lost his re-election campaign in 2012.
Love told Roll Call she would consider joining the group because it would be a way to gain influence in the halls of Congress.

“I think I will. I will consider joining because I think that in order to affect change, you can’t do it from the outside in,” Love said. “You have to do it from the inside out. I’m going to see if I can make a difference there.”

Love would also be the first black Republican woman to serve in Congress, arriving on Capitol Hill with an outsized national following, especially for a House candidate. This bid is her second for Utah’s 4th District. She first challenged Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, in 2012, but the Democrat prevailed by a narrow margin in the solidly GOP district.

Love also told the website she found out Democrat Jim Matheson was retiring while she was in a grocery store. 

“For five minutes, I didn’t remember what I was buying,” she said. “I didn’t remember why I was there. I think I just kind of left everything.”

Here’s the video: