Harding’s Exit Interview

GOP aide Justin Harding, who recently left the office of Rep. Jason Chaffetz to serve as chief of staff to Gov. Gary Herbert, talks with Roll Call about his time on Capitol Hill.

Writes Warren Rojas:

A devout Mormon, Harding didn’t get to know our local watering holes very well, opting, instead, to decompress in the comfort of his own living room. “I unwound at home with my wife, kids, and copious amounts of dark chocolate and seltzer water,” he said of his relaxation ritual.

It sounds like even when he was on the clock, Harding had the good fortune to be surrounded by people that made him feel perfectly at ease. He praised Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, for always keeping things light (“not only has great style, he also has killer puns and is the king of dead pan”) and his original boss, ex-Rep. James V. Hansen, R-Utah, for teaching him the power of engagement.

“He was an excellent storyteller with a great sense of timing on punch lines and delivery,” Harding asserted.