National Headlines 6-17-14

Can Hillary Clinton be herself and still win? (Politico)

GOP: IRS lost more emails in tea party affair (Politico)

Lawmakers want bigger say in Iran deal (The Hill)

Feinstein urges ‘direct action’ to keep rebels from capturing Baghdad (The Hill)

U.S. Captures Top Suspect in Benghazi Siege, Pentagon Says (New York Times)

Could Texas’ Perry be mulling move to California? (Associated Press)

Bergdahl provided with media coverage about his return: U.S. Army (Reuters)

Republicans slam IRS over lost emails in ‘Tea Party’ probe (Chicago Tribune)

GM CEO Mary Barra heading back to Congress for Round 2 (USA Today)

High-Frequency Trading Rebates Under Scrutiny in Senate (Bloomberg)

Federal Reserve’s complex relationship with inflation (Financial Times)