Local Headlines 6-19-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Bluffdale decision shows weakness in records access law

Are Utahns subsidizing other states’ sweeter insurance rates?

Utah studies expanding Goblin Valley State Park into San Rafael Swell

BLM, Utah counties wrangle over law enforcement

Legislators eye $1B in bonding for highways

Immigration law ‘de-fanged’?

UTOPIA bailout proposal hits roadblock; Lindon rejects deal

Swallow getting a new lawyer

State: FBI executed Shurtleff search; former A.G. still angry

Lawmaker questions Utah’s taxation of Social Security

Deseret News

Op-ed: EPA guidelines: wrong solution to a non-problem

Op-ed: Religious marriage separate from government

Private funds being raised for state’s sage grouse fight

Lawmakers question warrant served on former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

Frustrated Utah lawmakers vent to BLM, Forest Service

Utah lawmakers drafting letter in support of e-cigarette regulation

Lawmakers weigh concerns about controversial UTOPIA proposal

Federal court blocks portions of Utah’s immigration enforcement law

Lawmakers warned Gov. Gary Herbert’s Medicaid expansion alternative carries ‘substantial risk’

Swallow ‘transitioning’ to new legal representation

Affordable housing a growing concern across the spectrum, officials tell state lawmakers


UTOPIA fees in legislature’s crosshairs (Daily Herald)

Commission candidates differ on public lands, BRT (Daily Herald)

Provo council passes $195 million budget (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Utah teacher salaries not in line with nation (Standard-Examiner)