National Headlines 8-21-13

NSA story cuts into Obama’s popularity with young voters (The Hill)

White House condemns reported chemical weapons attack in Syria (The Hill)

U.S. soldier Manning gets 35 years in WikiLeaks trial (Reuters)

Beau Biden in Houston Cancer Center After Disorientation (Bloomberg)

US soldier faces villagers at massacre sentencing (Associated Press)

Americans’ confidence rising in public school teachers, poll finds (Christian Science Monitor)

ACLU: Muslims Face More Scrutiny for Citizenship (Associated Press)

Booker: Lay off the Sanchez (Star-Ledger)

NSA surveillance reach broader than publicly acknowledged (Fox News)

State canvassers to take up Detroit ballot issue (Associated Press)

Study: Only 26% of Students Prepared for All College Test Subjects (TIME)

Analysis: Summers-led Fed might raise rates faster than Yellen (Reuters)