National Headlines 6-19-14

Tea Party Gets a Seat in House Leadership (TIME)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: not yet a 2016 candidate, but sure sounding like one (Christian Science Monitor)

Schweitzer apologizes for ‘stupid and insensitive’ remarks (USA Today)

IRS boss faces ‘cover-up’ claims ahead of Hill hearing on missing emails (FOX News)

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton alliance under strain (Politico)

Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise vault into GOP leadership (Politico)

Huckabee slams ‘judicial supremacy’ (Politico)

DC to Suspend Test Scores in Teacher Evaluations (Associated Press)

High Court: Whistleblowers’ Testimony Is Protected (Associated Press)

Argentina’s comments put US lawyers in awkward spot (Reuters)

As Jobless Claims Dip, Growth Picks Up Speed (New York Times)