National Headlines 6-24-14

The existential crisis of the liberal millionaire (Politico)

President Clinton: ‘Dead broke’ comments were ‘factually true’ (The Hill)

Mississippi’s revolution may be just starting (Politico)

House Democrats fear ‘another Vietnam’ (The Hill)

Top Republican: Obama ‘turning a blind eye’ to crisis on the border (The Hill)

‘Clinton’ musical will feature two actors portraying former President Bill Clinton (New York Daily News)

Judge rules no-fly list violates travelers’ rights (USA Today)

Politics of border security hamper immigration overhaul (USA Today)

National Archives boss: IRS ‘did not follow the law’ on lost Lerner emails (FOX News)

VA fails to acknowledge ‘severity of problems,’ new report says (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. export lender in jeopardy as Republicans pull support (Reuters)