Utah Becoming a Haven for Third-Party Candidates

More third-party candidates have run for Congress from Utah in the past quarter century than during the previous 93-years combined.

Smart Politics says the 84 third-party candidates who have run from Utah have outpaced the 77 candidates who have come previously. Additionally, third-party candidates for Congress have appeared on the ballot in every Congressional race since 2000.  

There are 11 third-party and independent candidates on the ballot this year, which is the most in state history.

During the 13 election cycles since 1990, a total of 84 third party and independent candidates have been on the ballot in just 41 races, or 2.05 per race.

That includes:

· 21 Libertarians
· 16 Constitution Party nominees 
· 14 independents
· 10 Independent American nominees
· 6 from the Socialist Workers Party
· 5 Natural Law Party candidates
· 4 Greens
· 3 running under the Personal Choice banner (in 2004)
· 3 running from the Independent Party of Utah (in 1992)
· 2 American Party nominees

The previous high-water marks for the number of third party candidates running in any given cycle were nine in 2000, eight in 2004 and 2010, and seven in 1998 and 2006.