Salt Lake City Named ‘Least Stressed Out City’ in the U.S.

CNN Money says Salt Lake City is the “least stressed out” in the country.

The rankings put Salt Lake #1 mainly because of the booming economy and the great environment.

In this mountain-dotted city, there is little for residents to stress about: unemployment is low, commutes are short and the homes are relatively cheap.

Less than 13% of metro area residents live in poverty. Plus, living costs are affordable, meaning residents are able to get a lot more for their money.

But that’s not all. Salt Lake residents take less time getting to work (an average of 23 minutes each way), face far less traffic on their way in and spend less time working once they’re there — giving them more time to hit the slopes, spend time with family or enjoy the fresh mountain air.

It’s not all good news for SLC, though. The property crime rate is among the highest for major metro areas.

The rest of the top-10 looks like this:

1. Salt Lake City
2. Rochester, NY
3. Raleigh, NC
4. Minneapolis, MN
5. Richmond, VA
6. Buffalo NY
7. Hartford, CT
8. Pittsburgh, PA
9. San Jose, CA
10. Sacramento, CA

The same rankings name New York, Detroit, Los Angeles and Riverside (CA) as the “most stressed out” cities in the nation.