National Headlines 6-29-14

Industry group: IRS lost email story ‘makes no sense,’ records should have been kept (FOX News)

No place like home: Romney scapegoat wins in Miss. (Politico)

RNC chief: Voters getting ‘Hillary fatigue’ (The Hill)

For Hillary, dominance could spell danger (The Hill)

5 key border questions answered (The Hill)

Obama Asks Congress for Action on Kids Crossing Border (Bloomberg)

Wendy Davis tries to get Texas campaign for governor back on track (Reuters)

High court poised to decide birth-control dispute (Associated Press)

Weary Benghazi suspect cooperates inside D.C. courtroom (Politico)

Aereo suspends video streaming after Supreme Court decision (New York Daily News)

Top Republican alleges Obama ‘trampling’ on authority of Congress, backs lawsuit (FOX News)