Should Herbert Veto the Constitutional Carry Bill?

Some anonymous comments:

As Gov. Herbert said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Also – do you have any idea how much money Utah’s concealed carry permit contributes to the state coffers? It’s millions a year.

The legislation is way too extreme.

We should actually increase the requirements for the concealed carry permit

How could he veto a bill with veto proof margins. I hate this bill but it is going to be law no matter what Herbert does. Best that he not antagonize his own party and save political capital so he can influence the legislature on other bills. Although he is a pretty right wing conservative, he has shown himself to be a bit of a modulating force against the legislature’s more wacky ideas. At least he got the bill changed so that it is illegal to have a round in the chamber.

Requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon is the least we can do to communicate the idea that with every right comes a responsibility, and that goes for Constitutional rights.

If I wanted to live in the wild west I would time travel back to 1867.

I believe gun control means using both hands and that if you are a competent adult without a felony conviction, you have the right to own and carry a gun as you please. However, it is ridiculous that you have to pass both a written exam and demonstrate competency to drive a car yet, you do not have to do either to carry something that designed to kill people. Yes, Governor Herbert needs to veto the bill.

We at least need background checks before carrying a weapon. The bill should be vetoed.

Yeah, the legislature has over reacted to this issue this year.

Stats show over 600 people were denied last year that applied for a concealed weapons permit that weren’t approved due to felony and or other convictions. Why would we allow convicted criminals to carry? To carry a gun is not a god given right as some legislators have stated. The right to carry a gun doesn’t trump the right of fellow citizens to live in a safe environment.

The whole bill is a silly attempt to beat our chests to the federal government, we are better than that!

I want all persons carrying a concealed weapon to have some sort of training or knowledge on what they can and cannot do in regards to concealed carry. The current program works well and forces some sort of knowledge onto the applicants. How do we sort out the persons who should not be carrying? The current background check system “weeds” these people out. With the proposed bill, who knows? Yes, I am a a CFP holder and I currently sell guns at a gun store. If it isn’t broken, why do we need to fix it?

Our gun laws are not broken, so why is the legislature trying to fix them?

As he and Hillyard have said, our current permit system works just fine. 82% of Utahns want background checks and will support Herbert. It’s a long time until 2016 which will allow the excess furor about the bill to wear off for crazy delegates.

A concealed carry permit requires training and a background check. Is that too much to ask before allowing someone to carry a concealed weapon in public places? Let’s not throw reason and prudence out the window.

He won’t veto it though, so, the first documented wackadoo that kills someone – that’s all on him.

The current system is not onerous, and it provides that someone toting a concealed weapon around has at least a minimum level of competency to handle it safely and properly. Are there not real problems we need to solve in this state?

The Governor will veto the bill just as the legislators wanted and expected him to when they voted for it.

We don’t live in a time or place where the “O K corral” fights are acceptable, despite what the cowboys and goat girls of the legislature think.

No sort of training? Unfettered olde west everybody carry? What utter insanity!

Our gun laws are lenient enough without add this one. The bill specifies that the gun must be unloaded, but why bother carrying a gun that is useful only as a club? Those who wanted the bill will happily run around with loaded, concealed weapons. If Herbert has any sense at all, he will veto this irrational and unnecessary bill.

He should respect the views of the majority of Utahns who think the current system of CCP’s is working.

Herbert will do what he always does… Stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

So does this mean felons and those convicted of domestic abuse can just carry a gun around now? Why do we need this?

You have to have a license to get married (outside of Hilldale), the state has a compelling interest knowing who is licensed to carry a gun under their coat.

If he vetoes the bill, I guess that means he isn’t running for re-election in a few years.

If you can’t obtain a concealed permit, you probably wouldn’t be a person I would be comfortable around. The bar to carry concealed is already low enough.

People who qualify for the permit will carry concealed, people who do not qualify will carry concealed. Why take the tactical advantage away from lawful carriers?

Governor Herbert has already stated clearly that our current gun laws are adequate. That should be the end of it. Yes, he should veto it.

The concealed carry permit process offers a screening of misdemeanor offenses not otherwise available and it is a valuable public safety tool. If this bill is not vetoed anyone over 21 who can legally own a gun can carry a loaded concealed weapon.

Some anonymous comments:

It gives credence to that old adage, welcome to Utah, turn your mind and clock back 20 years.

If you don’t want your children to drink, teach them not to.

People can drink the drink in front of others at the establishment. Adults drink in front of their children at home. This “Zion wall” or better defined as the “Zion Will” is so far ridiculous, it needs to be removed.

Why are Utahns more afraid of looking at alcohol than guns?

Duh! Of course, we don’t mind looking silly or stupid. Message bills are the thing. So it goes without saying….

How is not seeing how alcohol is prepared going prevent underage drinking? I don’t get it.

The wall barring people from seeing drinks being mixed is just silly. It’s not offensive or irritating, it’s just silly. Good job, John Valentine.

This one is so dumb, I can’t actually come up with anything flippant to say about it. A punishment for business by the “free market” Republicans.

The consistent inanity of the Utah Legislature has likely driven more people to drink than observing drinking being poured ever has.

How childish. A wall to prevent children and everyone else from seeing what all adults know is there and children don’t know the difference and couldn’t care less – unless, of course, it is made obvious to them with a wall to hide the naughtiness.

I’m active LDS, but the Zion Wall is ridiculous!

I think it’s silly mostly to people who know why it’s there, most of whom are Utahns. Who knows whether or not it’s effective. That kids know they can’t drink whatever comes from behind there may pique their curiosity, or it may do nothing. I’d like to know what studies justify the whole concept.

Foolish! When will some legislators grow up?

Fixing alcohol law in Utah is a better way to bring in more business than using taxpayer funds to construct a new hotel that will compete with existing private hotels. The state looks foolish when it comes to alcohol law.

Legislators are about the only Utahn’s left who don’t think it is time for this nonsense law to go. Time to listen to the people who put you in that seat.

This legislative session is an extended exercise in doing the opposite of what the people want. We want clean air, they promote more wood-burning boilers; we want safety from guns, they make it easier to pack heat; we want the poor to receive medical care, they attempt to prevent the Governor from exercising his authority on Medicaid; we want more investment in schools, they barely throw a few quarters down and expect us grovel and thank them. Well-managed does not really mean this kind of take-no-thought-for-our-future BS.

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