National Headlines 7-6-14

Dem: Obama ‘one step behind’ on crisis (The Hill)

Homeland Security, TSA officials ramp up security measures at overseas airports over fears of new bombs (New York Daily News)

What will happen to immigrant kids in border crisis? Obama official evasive. (Christian Science Monitor)

Clinton says she’s donated college speaking fees (Associated Press)

Ordinary Americans caught up in NSA data sweep, report claims (CBS News)

Obama Outhouse Parade Float Draws Criticism (ABC News)

Boehner accuses Obama of ‘flippant dismissal of Constitution’ in written defense of GOP suit (New York Daily News)

Does Hobby Lobby Signal The End Of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance? (Forbes)

Unemployment rate falls to 6.1% (San Francisco Chronicle)

Lagarde: Global economic recovery could be ‘less robust than expected’ (Telegraph)

US trade deficit drops to $44.4 billion in May (Financial Express)