Local Headlines 7-7-14

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Davis GOP can’t seem to get on the same page

Op-ed: Taking federal Medicaid money is not ‘the Utah way’

Editorial: It’s time for Utah voters to just mail it in

Number of Utahns in nursing homes drops

Federal funding fight may not hurt Utah roads initially

Study: Utah is worst at supporting family caregivers

UTA’s Hive Pass sales are far below expectations

Paul Rolly: Davis County’s GOP boss has to go, insiders say

Phosphate mine could harm Vernal’s water source, residents fear

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Exploring ramifications of calling for a constitutional convention

Op-ed: How the rule of law resolves differences among courts on marriage

Robert Bennett: Healthcare decisions should be left up to individuals

Editorial: Time to move forward on tar sands projec

Editorial: Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn is an important victory for freedom of association

GOP presidential contender Rand Paul to join U. eye center medical mission

Report: Too much BLM time threatens billions of dollars in oil, gas revenue

Group protests Hobby Lobby decision on birth control

What’s next for immigration reform?


Utah County elected officials: What America means to me (Daily Herald)