Roll Call: Love Assured of a Win in November

Roll Call’s David Hawkings says Mia Love is basically a member of Congress “in waiting” as she’s virtually assured of a win in November.

Hawkings highlights 20 candidates who are headed to Washington after November’s elections because it would be a shock if they were to lose.

He devotes a sizable chunk of attention to the former Mayor of Saratoga Springs, who would become one of the youngest members of Congress if she defeats Democrat Doug Owens in November.

The youngest Republican is central Utah’s Mia Love, who will turn 39 a month before taking office. As the first black female Republican ever in Congress she will be an exception to the notion that people who ease into Congress get less press attention.

Love’s party has been holding her up to the national spotlight — including a plum convention speaking slot — since her initial race in 2012. (She lost by 768 votes to Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson, whose pending retirement has assured her assent.) Love is among four surefire winners (all Republicans) with congressional losses in their past.

Here’s his whole list: