National Headlines 7-9-14

Distrust of Obama makes border fix harder (CNN)

Obama takes heat from both sides for skipping border on fundraising trip (FOX News)

Texas Dem: Obama actions ‘bizarre’ (Politico)

GOP: EPA water rule could harm farmers (The Hill)

Ray Nagin sentence surprises some experts. Why it was only 10 years. (Christian Science Monitor)

Boehner disagrees with Sarah Palin on impeaching Obama (USA Today)

Udall Stays Away as Obama Raises Cash for Campaign (Associated Press)

N.S.A. Records Detail Surveillance of American Muslim Leaders (New York Times)

VA Whistle-blowers Testify About Retaliation (ABC News)

House’s $10 Billion Highway-Fund Boost Shows Split Congress (Bloomberg)

Hillary Clinton Offers No Documents to Rebut Criticism of Speaker Fees (ABC News)