How is Your Business Engaged in Helping Education?

The outcomes of the educational system impact the business community. So why shouldn’t the business community be involved in our educational system?
As the Salt Lake Chamber, we have partnered with chambers of commerce and business associations from all over Utah in a movement to strengthen our economy and our business community through improving education–Prosperity 2020.
As a coalition of business people, executives and 21 chambers of commerce across the state, we believe that improving education outcomes is at the heart of our development and opportunity as a state. We believe that building and sustaining the strongest economy in the nation requires innovation, accountability, and investment in education.
Both the Salt Lake Chamber and Prosperity 2020 are interested in understanding how Utah companies are affected by education and also how business people are engaged in building the workforce of tomorrow. We invite you to take just a few minutes of your time to complete this survey:
Your feedback is very valuable, and we’d like to thank you for helping us gain a clearer picture of the network of ties between education, the workforce and business.
Responses to the survey will help to increase understanding of these efforts to support the development of Utah’s future workforce. Survey results will allow us to share exemplary efforts with the community. We want to feature your business in Salt Lake Chamber news outlets such as the Utah Business Report, newsletters, social media and websites.
Again, we’d like to ask you to please take this survey to help us gauge how you are or would like to be involved in education by July 23
The survey is also an opportunity for those who have interest in getting engaged to learn more about the opportunities to impact strategic state goals to improve education outcomes.
We’re all in for education in Utah!